The Path of Legends

Goblin Camp Smackdown

Everything is coming up Goblins...

Entry #3

Hello again Journal. It seems the only times I really get to myself are in these Journal entries. Go figure. As for the goblin camp though, we managed to thrash um, but one stinky goblin got away. Oh well, I’m sure that won’t come to bite us in the butt, right?

After we took out the Goblin scout camp and set up for the night, we decided it would be better to hide the wagon and move it away from the road, let alone the goblin camp we just decimated. It seemed the best choice given that our havoc might have drawn some unneeded attention. Regardless, I had a horrible night that night. Spiders invaded my peaceful watch and I freaked the heck out… I mean, I knew there were spiders in the woods, but these were huuuuuge! Unlike the spiders I found in town, these spiders were the size of dogs. Part of me was fascinated, but all other parts of me couldn’t run away fast enough. I couldn’t let the others get eaten though, so I pulled out my guard whistle and gave it a large blow until everyone woke up.

In hindsight, this might not have been the best idea given the population of goblins in the area, but I was more thinking about the man eating spiders and less thinking about what would happen later.

Savalia was taking a harsh popping from a few of the hairy brutes so I gave her a hand. I don’t know what I would do if Savalia died. She was the original reason I even left my home town. Adventure seemed like such a weird thing, but Savalia showed me opportunity and although I know she will die, she is still cool and won’t die by monsters if I can help it. I don’t know much about these other guys yet though… We’ll see. Anywho…

After we killed the spiders, which took the better part of a few minutes, I was sent to scout ahead to find the lair. It took some careful sneaking, but eventually I found the stinky, smelling, rotting, lair of the creepy, dog sized, hairy, eight-legged devils. There were a lot of web covered ditches in the ground and a few sacks hanging from the trees. I managed to look a little in one of the holes and knock down one of the sacks, but before I began to loot too much, I left and rejoined the party back at camp. The next day, we made our way to the spider lair and cleaned it out as best we could.

There was a lot more treasure there than I thought spiders would have in the first place, but hey, treasure is treasure. With all of it loaded into the wagon we made back to our old campsite before we finished another day of our trip. It was quiet and when it came time for my watch I was enjoying the cold breeze against my hair and cheeks. But, as I was starting to slip into blissful enjoyment, I heard a twig pop. Immediately I hid and started off in the direction of the noise. Apparently I was successful at my attempt, because I came upon the duo of goblins completely off-guard. Then, with a slip of my dagger, both goblins lay dead.

There were more than two though. We’d been through enough troubles with these buggers that I suspected there were more than two. I made my way back to camp and was just about to raise the others, when sure enough the other goblins began to fire from their hiding spots. I took up a defensive position near the camp and began to weave my way through the trees. The battle was quick though, they didn’t have too many reinforcements. With the entire ambush party dispatched it was a paltry act to loot them and then return to my watch.

In the morning we moved the horses and for some strange reason the Orc wanted to change the watch. I firmly stated my opinion and said that I preferred to be alone on my watch, but the others vetoed my wishes and carried on as if my opinion didn’t matter. Well bleh! My opinion does matter!

The watches changed to: Late after Noon => Savalia/Elf | Night => Orc/Me | Early Morning => Ward.

I protested again, but it was clear that I was being ignored.

Another day of scouting began while the group argued behind me. There was another goblin attack, but it was still small. There were seven, which were more goblins than we’d seen before, but we were told that there were large amounts of goblins at their camp so we knew we’d have to go further to find their camp. Naturally, when we had a direction but no information, I was sent to scout it out. I did, happily, because they were engaged in a particularly annoying argument that had almost absolutely nothing to do with anything… Like most of their arguments…

My Scouting mission was fruitful though. I came upon their camp and managed to scout it all out. There were… a lot. It rivaled most small communities I saw in my home town, but it was filled with savage green beasts. I relayed my information to my party members and we did what we could to set up an ambush. Then we awaited the huge wave of goblins that would come imminently through the trees. It was a long and arduous brawl filled with vines, stabs, arrows, and acrobatics, but in the end, we won. I got a nice suit of awesome leather armor and we won some really cool loot… More about that later though, Savalia wants me for something…



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