The Path of Legends

Goblin Hunt

Dogs, Elves, and Goblins... Oh My!

Entry #2

I apparently had to leave the cart after my last entry. Savalia said I was doing something called ‘masturbating.’ I don’t really know what she means, but if it was important, I am sure she would have explained herself. Anyway… My entries will go on!!!

We continued on to Tilverton for a little while, but with one quick look at the map, we decided it might be better to cut through the clearing that was approaching, instead of going through the mining town that was our previous goal. Morvalo, the random old sage man-guy we picked up at the bandit’s camp, was telling us how dangerous it was, but when we left the road he continued on. I don’t know what will happen to that guy, but if what he said was true, we may not be seeing him again anytime soon.

A couple of days passed since we left that man on the road when I picked something up over a hill. The grass was fresh that day, so I almost didn’t smell it over the verdant green, but my ears picked something up too. The sounds of dogs fighting and the smell of blood were my biggest indicators that something was going on. So, like my role would suggest, it was time to let the little tiefling wander off alone and figure out what trouble was a brewin’. I didn’t really have a problem with it. Sneaking was easier to do alone anyway, but I apparently got a little overzealous and started humming. I talked a little bit to myself and ultimately blew my cover before I even approached the fighting dogs.

They sniffed and snarled, but other than a few of them turning in my direction, they seemed to be focused on a strange dog guarding what looked like a corpse. I later found out that the dog was an elvish hunting dog or a ‘kush,’ but at the time it was just differenty looking than the other dogs that surrounded him… Or her.

The others approached behind me and we made short work of the dogs although the larger one put up a bit of a fight. I had some more experience, due to my blunt force education brought upon by a giant’s club, but I still got a scratch or two all told.

The corpse, or elf it turned out, was apparently not a corpse. He was very much alive and separated from the rest of his crew. His name was Ruon and he suspected that his people were in trouble. He even told us that they were scouting out a nearby goblin camp, which perked both mine and Savalia’s ear, because of the potential loot to be had.

I was sent once more to scout ahead, but it wasn’t very long before I found Ruon’s elven friends and a group of ten goblins milling about wildly at the feet of several large trees, trying to grab at them. We moved in swiftly and I took to the trees to get a better angle on the situation. When all was said and done, we managed to save Ruon’s people and got to hear another story about Ward’s Grandma, who was apparently an old adventurer from way back in the day.

The elfy people thanked us and we gathered up our pile of loot before settling down for the night. It was standard procedure by now and I was prepared, as I often am, for my nightly watch, when the elf of our group woke with a fright. He looked around for a moment with a look I couldn’t really describe and then went straight back to sleep. It was odd to say the least, but when I took a closer look, I couldn’t grasp why. I figured he might have been having a nightmare, but he didn’t strike me as someone who had trouble sleeping; not often, at least.

We decided, after our daily bout of arguing that we, and by ‘we’ I mean ‘me,’ were going to scout ahead and plan out an attack on the goblin camp. I rolled my eyes casually, but Savalia has been like a mother to me ever since we met. I can’t say the relationship has been easy, because I have never really had a mother, but having someone there to count on makes me feel better.

Still, as my experience has taught me, arrows hurt; especially those received on your way to more treasure. I found a patrol of about 12 goblins as they did a circuit around the goblin camp. I think for now it may be wise to pay more attention to them than to write more in this journal, but I don’t really see them as that much of a threat at this moment. In any event, after we’re finished with this Goblin Camp, I’ll pick up where I left off…



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