The Path of Legends

Ifrit Abduction and mistaken introductions

What are the chances that Dragon had a friend? I mean honestly...

Entry #6

Hello Journal,

Turns out, that the dragon from earlier had a cave… go figure. It was a ways up a large rock formation and I had to go a little far into it, which was a bit creepy, but the loot I found was totally worth it. I worked with the others to get the loot out and once we loaded everything into our wagon, we pushed our wagon off to the side and figured we would get a little shut eye for the night. Cue the dramatic action and possible injury!!!

First watch, which had been Savalia and Telen ever since we left Shadowdale, wasn’t always the best watch. They were the ones caught by the dragon, and this time both Savalia and the horse were gone when we were all awoken with a frightful start. A pair of Cyclopsi… sees’? es? Whatever…

Large man-like monsters with one eye bore down upon us with huge axes that were easily three times as big as my entire body. I tried to maneuver and gain a footing to pull an advantage in combat, but like an ant underfoot, I was quickly charged under the oaf’s big feet. Ward was there to charge him in turn, which was some consolation, but I was still seeing stars by the time the group of Cyclopses fell. I felt proud of myself for the amount of damage I did on my own account, but the rest of the group felt like they were coming together as a unit, which made me feel a little more comfortable. A little.

Once Savalia was back, I gave her a big hug and told her not to go running off again. Not that it was really her fault that she got captured by big giant men, but I digress…

Anyway, the rest of the night was uneventful which helped the lot of us heal from our surprise battle of awesome epicness.

The next day started like any other: breakfast, with a side order of arguing and scouting on the side. I was once again hoisted onto Excelsior’s back and told to act leaderly, which was convenient, because we were greeted by a pack of gnolls. They were nasty dog like creatures that looked at me with hunger in their eyes, but I did what I could to look indifferent to their leering gazes.

The rest of the group managed to look intimidating enough I suppose to let us proceed without bringing the wrath of the doggy people upon us. I kind of wanted to steal from them, but because I was supposed to be the ‘respectable leader’ of an ‘intimidating band’ of adventurers, I figured it was a bad idea.

Later that day, when we had left the gnolls very much behind, we started to settle into the doldrums of everyday adventuring. That was, until a dragon landed on a large rock near our path. I didn’t even see the color of the dragon before I darted into the wagon and held my head behind the wood. I readied my bow and poked my eyes out to see if I would be needed, but the dragon just sat and stared. Such an odd creature I thought.

Then it started to talk, which was something I hadn’t seen a dragon do before. At first I froze a little, but when I heard its tale and listened to its calm demeanor, I deemed it safe to leave the wagon and pursue a peaceful exchange of words with the flying lizard bat thing.

It was a Bronze dragon named Razza and it seemed friendly enough. I put my foot in my mouth though about mentioning the other dragon.

Note to self: Let Savalia talk to the mystical beings of great power from now on. Maybe she knows better?



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