The Path of Legends

New Beginnings

The gang's all here!

Entry #1

Originally I used this journal to make fun of whoever wrote things in it originally that made no sense, but I figured since I started this journey a few weeks ago, I would write some of these things down, lest I forget.

Cavalia thinks I’m sleeping in the cart, but what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Plus, if I stay really quiet, then… Well, then none of them will know what I am up to in here.

First things first, I think I should run through our band of merry misfits.

Cavalia – or the ‘shepherd’ as I have come to know her, is flamin’ both literally and metaphorically. Originally when I saw her that day, doing her traveling show, I thought she was awesome, but then I realized that her tricks were all smoke and mirrors. The horse was the coolest part of the whole act. However, traveling with her has been interesting. She is like the Mom of the party… Kind of. She sounds kind of funny when she talks at the bad guys in the middle of a fight, but even through my laughter I find some willful feeling carrying me forward.

Auron? Orrin? The half-orc and his monkey – The monkey is cute, but the half-orc wouldn’t know trouble if it snapped him in the butt. I swear, he would untie a murderer if he found him abandoned in the woods without food. This guy is going to get us killed… But no one listens to the tiefling. Nope. It sounds a lot like the way people in my hometown treated me.

Tellen the elfy person – This guy is way too pompous for his own breeches and if he keeps taking my things, I am going to start stealing his reagents and see if he likes it. Sure, the magicky stuff that he can do is pretty useful, but he almost blew our cover on the road. I was planning this sneak attack and then pow! MAGIC… Granted, the bandit on the road had already caught on to us, but I’m going to blame the elf, because its funny.

Ward – This guy is a little weird. I don’t know too much about him, but he also doesn’t talk that much. He carries around a big sword, which is reason enough not to mess with him, but I don’t really know anything about him. Other than his sword arm is pretty lethal. He can do some crazy awesome things with that blade.

Excelsior – The horse get’s his own blurb because he is awesome. He can do crazy acrobatics like me and he can pull a cart for miles. I know he won’t live that long, because I’ve seen a few horses die, but he’s special.

Alright! On to the week’s activities. I must say it was a really exciting week for one of our first weeks as ‘travelers’, because apparently being ’adventurer’s’ costs an arm and a leg. Still, we were on our way to Tilverton off the beaten path, when we were found by an obvious trap.

Seriously. These men showed little to no effort in hiding their trap and proceeded to try and bait us. I, in my usual brand of teifling trickery and mayhem, wanted to use a sneak attack to get the jump on an archer off in the back of the set trap. That was, until I unceremoniously tripped out of the cart and landed on my face. Apparently it wasn’t obvious enough to draw attention to myself, but the maneuver lacked a lot of creative luster due to the lack of flair.

The fight proceeded quickly after the Bandit’s cover was blown with Cavalia throwing a few good taunting speeches at our enemies, Ward slicing some people up, the monkey climbing and beating on people, the half-orc doing his own share of bludgeoning and the elf using his magic to disintegrate their support. I ultimately served as a prop for a lot of the battle, but I did get a stab in edgewise. So that counts. It does…

The next few hours commenced with bandaging and loot searching, which is my favorite part of anything. Loot is the backbone of any adventure, right? Without loot, what would we fight for?

A lot of interesting things were found: an iron holy symbol depicting the evil god ‘Bane,’ several sundry items, gold, some equipment and some bodies including a tied up man named Morvalo or something. I couldn’t really tell what his name was though, because I was focused on the ‘tied up man in the middle of the woods is suspicious’ thing I had going through my head. I still keep an eye on him from time to time, even if Cavalia says he’s harmless. How does she know? If she’s getting money in the end, she could give two craps if the guy is a liar or something worse. Regardless, the culmination of the loot finding was some interesting rock filled with warmth and pleasant feelings, as well as Marvolo’s testimony describing a Bandit Cache with even more loot.

The rock was taken from me after I rightfully found it digging through a corpse, which made me very mad, but the knowledge that there was another stash out there alleviated some of my anger.

I volunteered, not that it surprised anyone, to stay up for the better part of the night to try and find the silly stash. Truth be told, I almost gave up… twice. I just kept telling myself about all of the shiny loot I would find inside the stash and that was enough to keep me going.

The good news was, that I eventually did find the stash.

The bad news was, that I also found an Ogre heading for camp. The Ogre followed me back to camp and despite my best attempts at trying to attack it, I was walloped pretty good by his giant club. The Half-Orc tried to help me afterward, but I can still feel where the Ogre hit me. It bumps every time my heart beats.

The pain was something else. And for a time, I almost thought of nothing else but the pain. Then the elfy guy started fiddling with the stone again. My stone…

I contemplated stealing his reagents, as I said before, but I was weak and Cavalia wasn’t very forgiving when she found people – especially me – disobeying her wishes. This was her wagon, her horse, her show.

I honestly thought that that was the last bit of tough ‘traveling’ we had left for the moment and that we would have a moment of peace before we hit the outskirts of Tilverton. This is without knowing anything about how far out we were and without knowing anything about my environment. My lack of knowledge though didn’t stop my hope against being crushed by another giant club. They hurt.

However, during my watch that night, I felt the ground move. I woke the elf next to me just when the ground started to give way and boney fingers shot out to seize the elfy guy. The boney fingers were trying to drag him down and I resisted with what little strength I had. I held my grip until the elf was free and then donated what minimal strength I had left to the demonic resistance by throwing rocks at it. I know, they were a super effective strategy. I just had poor execution and a lot of my rocks fell too short to be effective. == Note to self: Work on Rock throwing…

The fight with the skeleton took a little longer than I anticipated and I went back to my watch feeling as if I had barely contributed to the whole ordeal. We are heading forward to Tilverton though, with this mysterious guy named Morvalo. He says he’s with us and wants to follow us to Tilverton until the road splits, but I think he is up to something. He’s got to be.



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