The Path of Legends

New Friends, New Quests


Entry #5

My sleep wasn’t comfortable. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and my tail was caught between the sheets. I tried to squeeze out without doing any damage, but ended up pulling my poor tail against the cloth. Beds are so uncomfortable.

Anyway, I woke up to the somewhat fresh smell of the Old Skull Inn. It was a homely place, even to a tiefling with bad bedhead, which is saying something. Most people in my hometown would have shooed me out of a place like this. Not that it would have mattered. I awoke alone in my room and headed downstairs when I was greeted by an oddly official fellow speaking with my friends. My gut told me that it was a guard, so I played it cool, but it turned out to be some guy from a guild association or somewhat. I am now part of the “Merchants of Excelsior” and our colors are Red, Gold, and White. It seems like a lot of pomp for a group of ragtag misfits roaming the countryside, but that is hardly my say, is it?

All of the business with our licensing took a great deal of registration, which led me to follow the impulse of my hungry morning stomach. I was about to ask Savalia for money to buy bread when a curious creature blocked my path. It was a small furry brown thing that played with my tail for a few moments before I retracted it and looked the animal square in its beady black eyes. I came to find out that it had a friend, for no sooner had I stared at the otter, had a young woman greeted me.

Her name was Khelditia: she was of average height for a human-like person and she had a charming demeanor for someone who smelled like weeds. I didn’t and still don’t know much about her, but she came inquiring about membership into our group. For what reason, I have no idea, but Savalia seemed perfectly fine with it and pushed the two of us into buying food without much further deliberation. She was busy registering us into an “anti-rape” club or something. I thought it was a guild, but whatever. Biscuit shopping sounded a bit more effective and fun so I went along with Khelditia and her quirky little otter friend named Bubbles.

When we were done and we made it back to the Inn, we caught the group staring at the adventuring board. It had all sorts of posters on it. I think I remember something about a mystical lion. There was even this one about a rich prince on the edge of the Dale Lands and all he needed was a small amount of gold as collateral and then he would transport riches and jewels to the destination of my choosing. I was about to point that one out to Savalia, when the entire group decided that we would pursue the mission involving the child that wandered too far into dark scary lands and got himself killed. The entire group, except me.

Next thing I knew I was carried off to a dusty, smelly, stinky, crusty, old house where I wasn’t allowed to steal… again. I swear, if I don’t get to steal something soon, I might just start stealing something from our own stash and putting it back, just to prove I can.

There were pictures of the dead son all around the house and although it helped to describe who he was, I felt like I was being stared at from all angles of the house, which was creepy. The limping man, Lord Cyril, told us where to find his boy and let us know that the location also used to be a temple dedicated to Lathander, who was apparently a mystical god of light and happiness. All I really cared about is that this Lathander guy apparently had a golden cup. That had to be worth a fortune.

He also mentioned something about killing the adventures that left the boy behind, but I was honestly stuck at the golden cup part.

As we left the town of Shadowdale, we were stopped by a merchant who asked us if we could procure a Manticore Tail. He said he would pay 750 Gold for it. 750 gold…. Ooooh….

We signed on for the black spinel rock thingy quest as well before we left and said goodbye to Tamshan before we hit the road.

The time went by quickly. Three weeks was a blur, which was good, because for the first week nothing happened. Once the second week kicked around though, that was when things got weird. Savalia asked me to sit on Excelsior and pretend to be the leader. Me, a young’n, sitting astride a horse and pretending to be the leader of an adventuring group? and they though I was crazy.

Luckily there wasn’t much for a while but empty plains, so I didn’t really have to exercise my ‘leader-ness’. We traveled almost another week before something even vaguely exciting happened. Speaking of which, I sure am glad I wasn’t on the horse for Savalia’s watch. A small Copper Dragon swooped out of the sky and tried to make off with the horse without so much as a sideways glance. Savalia didn’t notice until the horse had made it a few feet away, but Waffles was so frightened that he messed himself something fierce.

We, the folks who had been sleeping quite soundly when the horse was taken, woke up and dispatched the Dragon with haste. We managed to get Excelsior back without too many cuts and bruises, but Savalia went crazy with the Dragon’s carcass. Once we had what we needed, she went ballistic on the remains and Khelditia had to cast some sort of sleepy spell on the fiery haired psychopath before she stopped. It was slightly entertaining to watch, but after all was said and done, we gathered all of our loot and started off again…



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