The Path of Legends

Success at the Temple leads to problems on the Road

Waffles... We will miss you...

Entry #9

With the undead dispatched what sort of thing will we think up next I wonder?

Savalia and Pan were pretty sick for hours after our conclusive fight and maybe a day or two after that. I’m not sure. I can’t remember when Savalia stopped puking. Ward took the corpse of the Wight and bagged it up, while the others made to burn the Necromancer’s. I thought that was a tad ceremonial for someone we just killed, but I didn’t really want to argue. The others said we were leaving the crypt, so I was first in line to touch the dead decaying grass once more. Anything to get out of that awful hell hole…

I was surprised that the horses were still alive, but it was a pleasant surprise. The funeral pyre needed wood though, which meant that as soon as I could see the sky, it was partly my task to start gathering wood for the Necromancer’s pyre. At the behest of Ward’s Grandma’s advice, I set off toward the edge of the wood where the spooky, presumably dead, gnarled trees were. I levitated up to a few of the weaker branches and was just about to cut one when I was blown away. My levitation went immediately from convenient to inconvenient and I was flying in the air, flipping like crazy, end on end and trying to regain my bearings all the while.

Needless to say, when I managed to get back to ground, I was a bit dizzy. I was a bit nonplussed as to what or who blew me off the tree, but I found a bird creature staring back at us. It came from out of the woods with his bear companion and stared us down. The creature was a Tengu and his name was Wodes. He told us not to cut the trees and that this forest was under his protection. I immediately apologized for my actions and asked if there was an alternative we could use for the fire.

When Wodes walked away and started about his business, I, the ever inquisitive one, walked over to him and asked what he was doing. He picked up a small stone and palmed it in his feathery hands. I tried to describe it to the others, but I apparently didn’t have the best of luck trying to describe what it was.

The others got just enough information though, that before long, Savalia and I wound up on a hunt for rune stones scattered about the forest by the necromancer. The tengu said they were the reason that the forest had decayed and that the principle way to bring the forest back to life, was to remove the stones. While I searched the afternoon away with Savalia somewhat nearby, the others went into the temple and fought a shadowy monster. I don’t remember the details as much because I wasn’t there, but I was told the fight was amazing and glorious.

The rune stone search escaped me and by the time I returned to camp, I hadn’t found any.

Sleep time went like any other, except that the Wight bag started to move. At first I thought I was hallucinating, but after a minute or two of constant movement I could no longer deny it to myself and the rest of the party found out where it was headed. It had an unconscious compulsion to hunt the elf. Ward cut the Wight’s head off of its body and then the rest of the night was uneventful.

3 days of travel later and we were reunited with our wagon. We were traveling in merry argumentative blissfulness through Razza’s country once more and this time we were off to hunt Manticores. On our journey to Manticore land, which was fruitful and much more pleasant than the stony land of the dead we were just in, the land seemed a bit… bumpy. The flat lands we were combing had a series of very large mounds poking out of the ground. The nature buffs of our party, Khelditia and Orrin thought about what it might be and the conclusion was not a pleasant one. We found ourselves scrambling for rocks and levitating away like ants scattering underneath an impending foot fall, but before we could prepare…. CHAAAA!!!!!


It crashed down and hit Ward. It destroyed our wagon and split Waffles completely in half. Excelsior was so terrified that he soiled himself and we were: without horse, without wagon, and injured in the span of one minute. Khelditia did her magic sleepy spell again, like she had done on the necromancer and the fight was once again concluded with a successful slumber.

The mage made Ward big and, with one move, the warrior brought the land shark down. It was all very interesting and cool, but Savalia and I were busy mourning the loss of the horse, the wagon and our loot. Ward moved the land shark off of our wagon’s corpse and with his help we managed to gut the giant beast. Thankfully our loot was still alive. We removed the shell and carefully removed our gear, placing it in the land shark’s shell for safe keeping.

Razza popped by to watch us as we gutted the creature and watched as we pulled loot from its stomach. Then, with all of the looting, skinning, gutting and re purposing done, we buried Waffles nearby and had a small peaceful memorial service for our cowardly former pack animal. All in all, our work took us a couple of days and in that time, Razza helped to keep the carrion away. It was more than we could ask of the dragon that I offended, but we were very grateful and offered her more cakes for her service.

After everything was sorted, we made for the hills…

As an after note here: The mage managed to decipher the writing on the black stone spinel. It mentions the name of the lord of the undead ‘ Orcis,’ and the words ‘key’ and ‘gate.’



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