Ward Snowsilk of Deepingdale


Ward was born very sick, with a frailty that made the midwife predict he’d not see another day. Somehow, his mother, Vera Firmgrasp and father Eoun Nocry were able to keep him alive through to his nameday. They chose Snowsilk because his skin had been so pale when born, it reminded Vera of the layer of frost on a cold late autumn morning.

As a child, he had to take care not to get too worked up, less fits of coughing and wheezing take his breath away. His peers teased him constantly, often saying it’d be better for all involved had the midwife thrown him in the river the day of his birth. It was a trying time.

Once, while playing in the old battlefield, he sliced open his foot on something stuck in the dirt. He shrugged off the pain and found an old Scimitar, rusted by the elements. He swung it around a few times and decided to keep it a secret- to train with it and show everyone he wasn’t weak.

For years, every time he could, he ran off to the secret hiding place and practiced on old rotting logs he would dress up as knights and goblins. He found an inner strength and peace that allowed him to exert himself without his lungs getting tight and doubling over.

Once, while practicing, he heard a scream from the village and the Raid horns. He ran as fast as he could, his scimitar still in his hand, and found a fist of goblins raiding. Without thinking, he ran up to one and sliced through its innards. He left it and carried on to a second. before he knew it, there were 5 dead goblins surrounding him. The other goblins saw the boy’s feat and started screaming, running away.

After helping to save the village, Ward and his parents all knew that he had bigger rutabagas to pull than he’d ever find in Deepingdale, and went off to join a militia or even get a guard post up in Shadowdale.

Ward Snowsilk of Deepingdale

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