The Path of Legends

Success at the Temple leads to problems on the Road
Waffles... We will miss you...

Entry #9

With the undead dispatched what sort of thing will we think up next I wonder?

Savalia and Pan were pretty sick for hours after our conclusive fight and maybe a day or two after that. I’m not sure. I can’t remember when Savalia stopped puking. Ward took the corpse of the Wight and bagged it up, while the others made to burn the Necromancer’s. I thought that was a tad ceremonial for someone we just killed, but I didn’t really want to argue. The others said we were leaving the crypt, so I was first in line to touch the dead decaying grass once more. Anything to get out of that awful hell hole…

I was surprised that the horses were still alive, but it was a pleasant surprise. The funeral pyre needed wood though, which meant that as soon as I could see the sky, it was partly my task to start gathering wood for the Necromancer’s pyre. At the behest of Ward’s Grandma’s advice, I set off toward the edge of the wood where the spooky, presumably dead, gnarled trees were. I levitated up to a few of the weaker branches and was just about to cut one when I was blown away. My levitation went immediately from convenient to inconvenient and I was flying in the air, flipping like crazy, end on end and trying to regain my bearings all the while.

Needless to say, when I managed to get back to ground, I was a bit dizzy. I was a bit nonplussed as to what or who blew me off the tree, but I found a bird creature staring back at us. It came from out of the woods with his bear companion and stared us down. The creature was a Tengu and his name was Wodes. He told us not to cut the trees and that this forest was under his protection. I immediately apologized for my actions and asked if there was an alternative we could use for the fire.

When Wodes walked away and started about his business, I, the ever inquisitive one, walked over to him and asked what he was doing. He picked up a small stone and palmed it in his feathery hands. I tried to describe it to the others, but I apparently didn’t have the best of luck trying to describe what it was.

The others got just enough information though, that before long, Savalia and I wound up on a hunt for rune stones scattered about the forest by the necromancer. The tengu said they were the reason that the forest had decayed and that the principle way to bring the forest back to life, was to remove the stones. While I searched the afternoon away with Savalia somewhat nearby, the others went into the temple and fought a shadowy monster. I don’t remember the details as much because I wasn’t there, but I was told the fight was amazing and glorious.

The rune stone search escaped me and by the time I returned to camp, I hadn’t found any.

Sleep time went like any other, except that the Wight bag started to move. At first I thought I was hallucinating, but after a minute or two of constant movement I could no longer deny it to myself and the rest of the party found out where it was headed. It had an unconscious compulsion to hunt the elf. Ward cut the Wight’s head off of its body and then the rest of the night was uneventful.

3 days of travel later and we were reunited with our wagon. We were traveling in merry argumentative blissfulness through Razza’s country once more and this time we were off to hunt Manticores. On our journey to Manticore land, which was fruitful and much more pleasant than the stony land of the dead we were just in, the land seemed a bit… bumpy. The flat lands we were combing had a series of very large mounds poking out of the ground. The nature buffs of our party, Khelditia and Orrin thought about what it might be and the conclusion was not a pleasant one. We found ourselves scrambling for rocks and levitating away like ants scattering underneath an impending foot fall, but before we could prepare…. CHAAAA!!!!!


It crashed down and hit Ward. It destroyed our wagon and split Waffles completely in half. Excelsior was so terrified that he soiled himself and we were: without horse, without wagon, and injured in the span of one minute. Khelditia did her magic sleepy spell again, like she had done on the necromancer and the fight was once again concluded with a successful slumber.

The mage made Ward big and, with one move, the warrior brought the land shark down. It was all very interesting and cool, but Savalia and I were busy mourning the loss of the horse, the wagon and our loot. Ward moved the land shark off of our wagon’s corpse and with his help we managed to gut the giant beast. Thankfully our loot was still alive. We removed the shell and carefully removed our gear, placing it in the land shark’s shell for safe keeping.

Razza popped by to watch us as we gutted the creature and watched as we pulled loot from its stomach. Then, with all of the looting, skinning, gutting and re purposing done, we buried Waffles nearby and had a small peaceful memorial service for our cowardly former pack animal. All in all, our work took us a couple of days and in that time, Razza helped to keep the carrion away. It was more than we could ask of the dragon that I offended, but we were very grateful and offered her more cakes for her service.

After everything was sorted, we made for the hills…

As an after note here: The mage managed to decipher the writing on the black stone spinel. It mentions the name of the lord of the undead ‘ Orcis,’ and the words ‘key’ and ‘gate.’

The *Former* Temple of Lathander
Where both greed and digestive constitution are tested in equal measure...

Entry #8

Like normal, I was asked to scout out the creepy village again. However there were no more things in the village than the last time I scouted it out. Now that I had the freedom to roam, which previously wasn’t granted to me by the skeletons, I still didn’t find anything curious or neat among the broken town. I found pieces of walls, trees that were twisted and ‘evil looking,’ the destroyed road, and I found that pretty much all of the buildings were destroyed.

The only mystery was the dark hole amongst the fallen temple ruins. I was a little shy to be going into a dark tunnel filled with undead, but that might have just been the fact that I was a small person going into an enclosed stone space with other people and possible creepy undead things.

Surprisingly, Savalia not only offered to go first into the dark and scary, but she left both of the horses behind near the mouth of the temple ruins. I bade farewell to both Excelsior and Waffles, because considering the trouble we’d been in up to that point, I had no idea what was going to happen to them.

The order we entered the temple was: Ward first, Savalia second, me third, Khelditia fourth, Telen fifth, and Orrin with his gorilla as sixth and seventh. We were all greeted with the immediate stench of death and decay. The room was dark, musty, quiet, and still. It was odd and felt very uncomfortable to even move about in the dark murky blackness. Then! Instant dead people! WOOOOSH! They popped from the floor like daisies in a green field and charged at the nearest of us with haste defying people with no flesh. They weren’t that tough though and we managed to dispatch them with the same haste they arrived with. With the final blow of my mighty sling, I heard the bullet clack against a hollow wall piece. I didn’t quite place which wall piece it was, but upon further inspection I found that there was a false wall with a box hidden inside.

My own instincts aside, I haven’t come across too many things with traps on them, so it stands to reason that a locked box wouldn’t immediately have a trap on it right? Despite that notion though, I was still a little wary to immediately open a random box we found in a wall. Savalia urged me to open it again and again. I could almost feel her hair reaching out to my skin and burning me. She was so insistent that it defied even my own loot obsession. It was eerie and almost scary to think that she thought about loot that much. Eventually though, I mustered the courage to open the box and was caught in a magical trap. Three times…

Note to self: Locked anything = probably has a trap on it.

Anyhoo, we continue to wander through what I am now calling a crypt for reasons of my own when we are almost caught in another trap. Ward got shot with the ancient arrow trap and I narrowly avoided it, but the monster in the next room must have heard, because a fair sized insect rushed after Ward and latched itself to his armor. Next thing I know, the warrior’s armor starts to hiss, pop and turn a rusty brown.


We managed to kill the armor eating monster, but seriously… Creepy.

Once we gathered our bearings and Ward changed into new armor, we rounded the corner into another room. On the other end of the small room was statuary with loot at its base. The only odd part was that it was covered in fungus. Savalia’s eyes went gold with greed and she shot toward the pile of loot like a madwoman. In my odd sense of morality concerning the crazy ifrit, I reached out with my reasonable strength in order to halt Savalia’s possible death. Before I could reprimand her though, and remind her of the trap that we saw earlier, a mushroom with tendrils of rotting death reached out and latched onto Savalia’s arm. Then mine. OOOOOOOWIE!!! It hurt. It hurt so much I can still kind of feel it under my skin even though it was healed quickly after, thanks to Khelditia and Orrin.

Like a nightmare I once had, we were almost immediately greeted by ghouls soon after our fungus attack. Pan and Savalia were wounded by the ghoul’s sickly touches and diseased with puke-itis, which meant that they puked a lot and were sickly, but we managed to kill the ghouls too.

The next room was… I don’t even want to remember it, but here it goes. Here is its description to the best of my clouded recollection. It smelled like one thousand rats that had died and defecated themselves on an extremely hot day. The smell, the atmosphere, the look, and the consistency of the room that I stepped in, oppressed me. I felt pressured from all sides to become ill and sickly like Savalia. The room kept pushing the feeling on top of me one tier at a time until it culminated in an overwhelming nauseous feeling when I came face to face with the pit of corpses. Everyone suggested I go in, but I was too busy struggling to keep my lunch inside my stomach to even consider their request. Instead, to prevent the inevitable, I walked to the other side of the room and leaned against the doorway. I plugged my nose and turned my head away when the lowered Savalia into the muck to look for loose change.

I may have been a dirty child. I am not afraid to go in the sewer or roam the dirty city streets. I will even walk through a bloody glen and get my feet dirty. But never before in my life have I been so uncomfortable than in that room… Things that make you go… BLURGHGHGHGHG

We spent the next few minutes going from room to room and killing skeletons. I even managed to find another secret area and a locked chest. This time I wasn’t caught by a trap.

It was the next locked thing, a door, which made me immediately regret my actions. We were greeted by the corpse of the boy we were sent to find raised as a Wight and a caster waving his hands in a pompous manner. Everyone’s immediate reaction was to rush the caster, while Ward ran off to occupy the Wight. Savalia began to chant, as is the way with our fights and we were starting to get into the rhythm of it all. Then Khelditia did something amazing. With one poke, the young half-elf decided the fight and sealed both the Necromancer’s and the Wight’s fates. The Necromancer did wake up again and try to scare me, but I stuck my tongue out at him and then helped the others kill him.

Naughty Necromancer, Loots are for Tieflings!

Dark Woods and a Decaying Village
Dark woods and spiders are pretty much synonymous now...

Entry #7

Who knew a lizard that breathed fire could be so nice? I mean, wouldn’t the flames in their throat make them constantly irritated. I know it would make me a little cross to be constantly blowing fire from my mouth…

Later that week, we came upon a large intimidating patch of wood. I say large and intimidating because the patch was miles upon miles in each dimension and it was thick. There was a ring of thick brambles that encircled the entire area and large heavy trees that warded off entry. My only guess, which seemed to be pretty accurate, was that we needed to continue through the woods to get to our destination. Goody.

There was a huge argument on what we would do with the wagon.

“Should we suspend it in the branches?” – Terrible idea. It might fall and break spreading our loot all over the ground and leaving us without a wagon. Or worse, it might fall into the brambles and get stuck. Not to mention, we had no idea what breed of creatures lived in the woods; they could come by and steal from it.

“Should we camouflage it with leaves?” – Better idea, but a little hard considering the Wagon’s size.

We eventually decided to dig through the brambles and push the wagon into the brambles, letting the woods disguise it for us and consume our hard won loot with brambles. We took the horses with us, which I thought was a terrible idea, but I don’t really know that much about horses. All I knew was that Waffles was growing more terrified the further we drove ourselves into the woods. He was even more terrified that night when we were attacked by spiders and skeletons. The spiders weren’t that much of a surprise because of the webs that started sprouting up all around us, but the skeletons were a bit of a surprise because they popped up out of nowhere. We figured it had something to do with the dark stone that the elf still had, but that did nothing to grant me any sort of peace of mind.

A few more days passed of sleeping, hacking, arguing, scouting, and leading horses. Then we came upon a small settlement embedded in the heart of the wood. It was a ruin, but I could tell that it used to be some sort of small town. I was tasked, no surprise there, with scouting the ruin and trying to find out what the situation was.

The sad part was, there wasn’t that much to find. The entire town had been destroyed. Even the temple was just a shamble of pillars and bricks. What I did find though, was a looooooooot of skeletons and zombies; more than I had seen in my entire life. I didn’t want to disturb them and instead find a longer way around, but when I returned to the group they were adamant that I pull them back into a trap that they were going to fashion to catch the undead as they followed me.

They wanted me to pull one skeleton at a time… Really? One at a time?

I told myself it would be easy. I told myself that they might just react the same way that guards do when you throw rocks at or near them, so I picked up a small rock and chucked it at one. It looked over at me with a hollow glance and when it found nothing there, it turned back. I tried to throw another stone, but the same thing happened. I pooled the options in my mind and when I couldn’t think of something more practical, I grasped Felix’s whistle held in a pouch at my side. With a powerful blow I summoned the entire horde to give chase and I managed to snare the entire lot of them in our trap with minimal collateral damage. I say it was a job well done and the others think I am incapable of following orders…

Typical, blame the young tiefling; it’s always her fault.

Ifrit Abduction and mistaken introductions
What are the chances that Dragon had a friend? I mean honestly...

Entry #6

Hello Journal,

Turns out, that the dragon from earlier had a cave… go figure. It was a ways up a large rock formation and I had to go a little far into it, which was a bit creepy, but the loot I found was totally worth it. I worked with the others to get the loot out and once we loaded everything into our wagon, we pushed our wagon off to the side and figured we would get a little shut eye for the night. Cue the dramatic action and possible injury!!!

First watch, which had been Savalia and Telen ever since we left Shadowdale, wasn’t always the best watch. They were the ones caught by the dragon, and this time both Savalia and the horse were gone when we were all awoken with a frightful start. A pair of Cyclopsi… sees’? es? Whatever…

Large man-like monsters with one eye bore down upon us with huge axes that were easily three times as big as my entire body. I tried to maneuver and gain a footing to pull an advantage in combat, but like an ant underfoot, I was quickly charged under the oaf’s big feet. Ward was there to charge him in turn, which was some consolation, but I was still seeing stars by the time the group of Cyclopses fell. I felt proud of myself for the amount of damage I did on my own account, but the rest of the group felt like they were coming together as a unit, which made me feel a little more comfortable. A little.

Once Savalia was back, I gave her a big hug and told her not to go running off again. Not that it was really her fault that she got captured by big giant men, but I digress…

Anyway, the rest of the night was uneventful which helped the lot of us heal from our surprise battle of awesome epicness.

The next day started like any other: breakfast, with a side order of arguing and scouting on the side. I was once again hoisted onto Excelsior’s back and told to act leaderly, which was convenient, because we were greeted by a pack of gnolls. They were nasty dog like creatures that looked at me with hunger in their eyes, but I did what I could to look indifferent to their leering gazes.

The rest of the group managed to look intimidating enough I suppose to let us proceed without bringing the wrath of the doggy people upon us. I kind of wanted to steal from them, but because I was supposed to be the ‘respectable leader’ of an ‘intimidating band’ of adventurers, I figured it was a bad idea.

Later that day, when we had left the gnolls very much behind, we started to settle into the doldrums of everyday adventuring. That was, until a dragon landed on a large rock near our path. I didn’t even see the color of the dragon before I darted into the wagon and held my head behind the wood. I readied my bow and poked my eyes out to see if I would be needed, but the dragon just sat and stared. Such an odd creature I thought.

Then it started to talk, which was something I hadn’t seen a dragon do before. At first I froze a little, but when I heard its tale and listened to its calm demeanor, I deemed it safe to leave the wagon and pursue a peaceful exchange of words with the flying lizard bat thing.

It was a Bronze dragon named Razza and it seemed friendly enough. I put my foot in my mouth though about mentioning the other dragon.

Note to self: Let Savalia talk to the mystical beings of great power from now on. Maybe she knows better?

New Friends, New Quests

Entry #5

My sleep wasn’t comfortable. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and my tail was caught between the sheets. I tried to squeeze out without doing any damage, but ended up pulling my poor tail against the cloth. Beds are so uncomfortable.

Anyway, I woke up to the somewhat fresh smell of the Old Skull Inn. It was a homely place, even to a tiefling with bad bedhead, which is saying something. Most people in my hometown would have shooed me out of a place like this. Not that it would have mattered. I awoke alone in my room and headed downstairs when I was greeted by an oddly official fellow speaking with my friends. My gut told me that it was a guard, so I played it cool, but it turned out to be some guy from a guild association or somewhat. I am now part of the “Merchants of Excelsior” and our colors are Red, Gold, and White. It seems like a lot of pomp for a group of ragtag misfits roaming the countryside, but that is hardly my say, is it?

All of the business with our licensing took a great deal of registration, which led me to follow the impulse of my hungry morning stomach. I was about to ask Savalia for money to buy bread when a curious creature blocked my path. It was a small furry brown thing that played with my tail for a few moments before I retracted it and looked the animal square in its beady black eyes. I came to find out that it had a friend, for no sooner had I stared at the otter, had a young woman greeted me.

Her name was Khelditia: she was of average height for a human-like person and she had a charming demeanor for someone who smelled like weeds. I didn’t and still don’t know much about her, but she came inquiring about membership into our group. For what reason, I have no idea, but Savalia seemed perfectly fine with it and pushed the two of us into buying food without much further deliberation. She was busy registering us into an “anti-rape” club or something. I thought it was a guild, but whatever. Biscuit shopping sounded a bit more effective and fun so I went along with Khelditia and her quirky little otter friend named Bubbles.

When we were done and we made it back to the Inn, we caught the group staring at the adventuring board. It had all sorts of posters on it. I think I remember something about a mystical lion. There was even this one about a rich prince on the edge of the Dale Lands and all he needed was a small amount of gold as collateral and then he would transport riches and jewels to the destination of my choosing. I was about to point that one out to Savalia, when the entire group decided that we would pursue the mission involving the child that wandered too far into dark scary lands and got himself killed. The entire group, except me.

Next thing I knew I was carried off to a dusty, smelly, stinky, crusty, old house where I wasn’t allowed to steal… again. I swear, if I don’t get to steal something soon, I might just start stealing something from our own stash and putting it back, just to prove I can.

There were pictures of the dead son all around the house and although it helped to describe who he was, I felt like I was being stared at from all angles of the house, which was creepy. The limping man, Lord Cyril, told us where to find his boy and let us know that the location also used to be a temple dedicated to Lathander, who was apparently a mystical god of light and happiness. All I really cared about is that this Lathander guy apparently had a golden cup. That had to be worth a fortune.

He also mentioned something about killing the adventures that left the boy behind, but I was honestly stuck at the golden cup part.

As we left the town of Shadowdale, we were stopped by a merchant who asked us if we could procure a Manticore Tail. He said he would pay 750 Gold for it. 750 gold…. Ooooh….

We signed on for the black spinel rock thingy quest as well before we left and said goodbye to Tamshan before we hit the road.

The time went by quickly. Three weeks was a blur, which was good, because for the first week nothing happened. Once the second week kicked around though, that was when things got weird. Savalia asked me to sit on Excelsior and pretend to be the leader. Me, a young’n, sitting astride a horse and pretending to be the leader of an adventuring group? and they though I was crazy.

Luckily there wasn’t much for a while but empty plains, so I didn’t really have to exercise my ‘leader-ness’. We traveled almost another week before something even vaguely exciting happened. Speaking of which, I sure am glad I wasn’t on the horse for Savalia’s watch. A small Copper Dragon swooped out of the sky and tried to make off with the horse without so much as a sideways glance. Savalia didn’t notice until the horse had made it a few feet away, but Waffles was so frightened that he messed himself something fierce.

We, the folks who had been sleeping quite soundly when the horse was taken, woke up and dispatched the Dragon with haste. We managed to get Excelsior back without too many cuts and bruises, but Savalia went crazy with the Dragon’s carcass. Once we had what we needed, she went ballistic on the remains and Khelditia had to cast some sort of sleepy spell on the fiery haired psychopath before she stopped. It was slightly entertaining to watch, but after all was said and done, we gathered all of our loot and started off again…

Shadow Dale and Tamshan
Savalia gets busy... We get Swindled...

Entry #4
It turns out Savalia wanted help with looting the rest of the Goblin Camp, which I was extremely eager to do, given the small fortune we earned by dispatching the little green beasties and their overbearing puke yellow master guys.

That, in part, helped the next few days of walking go by quickly. Walking could be so boring sometimes, especially since nothing happened. I mean, I know it seems odd to want an attack, but when Orrin and Savalia start to yak, it almost makes me miss killing goblins. Still, there was something to be said for scouting, which is what I was doing most of the time anyway. That was, until a Half-Elf stopped me on the road and politely asked me to leave. My immediate reaction was to prepare myself and arm for the inevitable, because everyone on the road was a threat, right?

He didn’t threaten me though. He simply warned us that we should stay off the road for a day. I was a little surprised, because I thought I was sneaking pretty well, but something about him was different. There was a lot of experience hidden in the calluses on his hands. I chose to believe him, because I didn’t really want me or my teammates to get shot at. And that is exactly what I told Savalia when I returned to the group. It seemed, however, that Savalia had different plans. Instead of staying off the road and heeding the polite Half-Elf’s warning, Savalia took Excelsior and rushed off. It was then that I realized how comfortable my palm feels when it slaps against my face.

It was Savalia though, so if I didn’t go help her she would probably end up getting eaten or something. It turns out she managed to find the Half Elf just fine, but he scolded me because somehow I am supposed to have influence over a free spirit with fire for hair. Fat Chance…

The man’s name turned out to be Rungo Mirk and he was in the service of one of the local guilds. We didn’t figure that out until later though when the rest of his party came upon us with a giant wagon train. It wouldn’t have been an amazing wagon train, if it weren’t for the giant dragon carcass they were wheeling around behind them. Disregarding the Half Elf’s warning, we proceeded directly into their midst. Our party was moving faster so we had to finagle something, but right about the time we were going to overtake them, a man in fine clothes came to greet us.

This led to a series of gross schmoozing actions between him and Savalia, and an invitation to dinner from the man whose name was Tamshan. The invitation was followed up by Rungo, who brought food, and a Dwarven Cleric named Despar. While Savalia engaged in some particularly awkward conversations and private time in her tent, the dwarf in question, managed to convince me to drink. NEVER AGAIN… NEVER.

It tastes bad, it looks bad, it smells bad, and it feels awful. No…

The next morning we came to find that our guests had left in the night. We took our time to prep the wagon and made along our merry way, only to find that our guests had been stopped on the road by a few broken wheels. I chuckled a little under my breath, because I found it funny. One of their number, a large man with a thick beard seemed to be so angry that he was crimson with rage. We were gracious as we moved around their wagon procession and we made good time to Shadow Dale over the next few days. I was still chuckling about their wagon train breaking down until the day before our entry to Shadow Dale.

Finally, a town! It had been nothing but forests, hills, grasslands and things for miles. This town though, wasn’t what I expected. We were greeted by farmland and limping people; not necessarily in that order. The town was big and sprawling, but all the buildings looked to be about the same size. There were 3 towers that poked overhead, but everything else seemed pretty level. The houses themselves didn’t seem overly rich or overly poor. Here it didn’t seem like there were any upper class folk. And what I mean by Upper Class folk, are the hoity toity people like Tamshan that filled the upper levels of my hometown. No, this town was filled with people who were experienced in the land, experienced with adventurers and worst of all, experienced with thieves…

Everywhere I went the guards had their eyes on me. I was watched the minute I stepped into town and there wasn’t a time that I was free of surveillance. In the meantime, as I tried to flex my stealing muscles and frequently shirked under the invading eyes of all of the guardsmen in existence, Savalia and the others were trying to set up shop.

For all of her hot air and arguing, Savalia is really good at talking. It didn’t help much though; we still got stuck with an awkward spot a bit of the way down the lane. To top it off, I flubbed my juggling moves and everyone said our stuff was poor quality. That irritated me a bit, because we worked really hard to get it. Then some Halfling who thinks he’s hot stuff comes up and buys it all. He also makes a move at Savalia. I would be lying if I said she did nothing in accordance to his request, but I’d really rather not thing about what might have happened. He had a really stupid name though… “Corkatron ‘The Highroller’ Allinamuck” I think it was. He was a guild leader of the guild, “Halflings Inc.” They were apparently some prestigious guild or something.

After a while I truly didn’t care and just set about finding a roof to perch on for the night. I combed through a few choice ones before I settled on a nice shingled one overlooking a particularly nice part of the city. The others apparently had some trouble finding accommodations; something about everyone splitting apart and going in completely different directions. I was a little preoccupied with my own business however. I failed to notice until the act itself that I was apparently encroaching on ‘Harpy Bitch’ Territory. This crazy winged woman swooped upon my unconscious body and tried to heft me off of the roof. I jumped to my senses and just narrowly avoided death by sidewalk when I tried to seize my assailant by the feathers. They claimed this was, ‘their roof’ as were all the others. I still think that was entirely unfair, but I can’t and couldn’t do anything about it at the time.

Instead, I resolved to ask around for where my friends ended up and followed their trail to the Old Skull Inn… I hate this bed. It is extremely uncomfortable, but at least it gave me some time to write a little. I should probably try and get some sleep before tomorrow though…

Goblin Camp Smackdown
Everything is coming up Goblins...

Entry #3

Hello again Journal. It seems the only times I really get to myself are in these Journal entries. Go figure. As for the goblin camp though, we managed to thrash um, but one stinky goblin got away. Oh well, I’m sure that won’t come to bite us in the butt, right?

After we took out the Goblin scout camp and set up for the night, we decided it would be better to hide the wagon and move it away from the road, let alone the goblin camp we just decimated. It seemed the best choice given that our havoc might have drawn some unneeded attention. Regardless, I had a horrible night that night. Spiders invaded my peaceful watch and I freaked the heck out… I mean, I knew there were spiders in the woods, but these were huuuuuge! Unlike the spiders I found in town, these spiders were the size of dogs. Part of me was fascinated, but all other parts of me couldn’t run away fast enough. I couldn’t let the others get eaten though, so I pulled out my guard whistle and gave it a large blow until everyone woke up.

In hindsight, this might not have been the best idea given the population of goblins in the area, but I was more thinking about the man eating spiders and less thinking about what would happen later.

Savalia was taking a harsh popping from a few of the hairy brutes so I gave her a hand. I don’t know what I would do if Savalia died. She was the original reason I even left my home town. Adventure seemed like such a weird thing, but Savalia showed me opportunity and although I know she will die, she is still cool and won’t die by monsters if I can help it. I don’t know much about these other guys yet though… We’ll see. Anywho…

After we killed the spiders, which took the better part of a few minutes, I was sent to scout ahead to find the lair. It took some careful sneaking, but eventually I found the stinky, smelling, rotting, lair of the creepy, dog sized, hairy, eight-legged devils. There were a lot of web covered ditches in the ground and a few sacks hanging from the trees. I managed to look a little in one of the holes and knock down one of the sacks, but before I began to loot too much, I left and rejoined the party back at camp. The next day, we made our way to the spider lair and cleaned it out as best we could.

There was a lot more treasure there than I thought spiders would have in the first place, but hey, treasure is treasure. With all of it loaded into the wagon we made back to our old campsite before we finished another day of our trip. It was quiet and when it came time for my watch I was enjoying the cold breeze against my hair and cheeks. But, as I was starting to slip into blissful enjoyment, I heard a twig pop. Immediately I hid and started off in the direction of the noise. Apparently I was successful at my attempt, because I came upon the duo of goblins completely off-guard. Then, with a slip of my dagger, both goblins lay dead.

There were more than two though. We’d been through enough troubles with these buggers that I suspected there were more than two. I made my way back to camp and was just about to raise the others, when sure enough the other goblins began to fire from their hiding spots. I took up a defensive position near the camp and began to weave my way through the trees. The battle was quick though, they didn’t have too many reinforcements. With the entire ambush party dispatched it was a paltry act to loot them and then return to my watch.

In the morning we moved the horses and for some strange reason the Orc wanted to change the watch. I firmly stated my opinion and said that I preferred to be alone on my watch, but the others vetoed my wishes and carried on as if my opinion didn’t matter. Well bleh! My opinion does matter!

The watches changed to: Late after Noon => Savalia/Elf | Night => Orc/Me | Early Morning => Ward.

I protested again, but it was clear that I was being ignored.

Another day of scouting began while the group argued behind me. There was another goblin attack, but it was still small. There were seven, which were more goblins than we’d seen before, but we were told that there were large amounts of goblins at their camp so we knew we’d have to go further to find their camp. Naturally, when we had a direction but no information, I was sent to scout it out. I did, happily, because they were engaged in a particularly annoying argument that had almost absolutely nothing to do with anything… Like most of their arguments…

My Scouting mission was fruitful though. I came upon their camp and managed to scout it all out. There were… a lot. It rivaled most small communities I saw in my home town, but it was filled with savage green beasts. I relayed my information to my party members and we did what we could to set up an ambush. Then we awaited the huge wave of goblins that would come imminently through the trees. It was a long and arduous brawl filled with vines, stabs, arrows, and acrobatics, but in the end, we won. I got a nice suit of awesome leather armor and we won some really cool loot… More about that later though, Savalia wants me for something…

Goblin Hunt
Dogs, Elves, and Goblins... Oh My!

Entry #2

I apparently had to leave the cart after my last entry. Savalia said I was doing something called ‘masturbating.’ I don’t really know what she means, but if it was important, I am sure she would have explained herself. Anyway… My entries will go on!!!

We continued on to Tilverton for a little while, but with one quick look at the map, we decided it might be better to cut through the clearing that was approaching, instead of going through the mining town that was our previous goal. Morvalo, the random old sage man-guy we picked up at the bandit’s camp, was telling us how dangerous it was, but when we left the road he continued on. I don’t know what will happen to that guy, but if what he said was true, we may not be seeing him again anytime soon.

A couple of days passed since we left that man on the road when I picked something up over a hill. The grass was fresh that day, so I almost didn’t smell it over the verdant green, but my ears picked something up too. The sounds of dogs fighting and the smell of blood were my biggest indicators that something was going on. So, like my role would suggest, it was time to let the little tiefling wander off alone and figure out what trouble was a brewin’. I didn’t really have a problem with it. Sneaking was easier to do alone anyway, but I apparently got a little overzealous and started humming. I talked a little bit to myself and ultimately blew my cover before I even approached the fighting dogs.

They sniffed and snarled, but other than a few of them turning in my direction, they seemed to be focused on a strange dog guarding what looked like a corpse. I later found out that the dog was an elvish hunting dog or a ‘kush,’ but at the time it was just differenty looking than the other dogs that surrounded him… Or her.

The others approached behind me and we made short work of the dogs although the larger one put up a bit of a fight. I had some more experience, due to my blunt force education brought upon by a giant’s club, but I still got a scratch or two all told.

The corpse, or elf it turned out, was apparently not a corpse. He was very much alive and separated from the rest of his crew. His name was Ruon and he suspected that his people were in trouble. He even told us that they were scouting out a nearby goblin camp, which perked both mine and Savalia’s ear, because of the potential loot to be had.

I was sent once more to scout ahead, but it wasn’t very long before I found Ruon’s elven friends and a group of ten goblins milling about wildly at the feet of several large trees, trying to grab at them. We moved in swiftly and I took to the trees to get a better angle on the situation. When all was said and done, we managed to save Ruon’s people and got to hear another story about Ward’s Grandma, who was apparently an old adventurer from way back in the day.

The elfy people thanked us and we gathered up our pile of loot before settling down for the night. It was standard procedure by now and I was prepared, as I often am, for my nightly watch, when the elf of our group woke with a fright. He looked around for a moment with a look I couldn’t really describe and then went straight back to sleep. It was odd to say the least, but when I took a closer look, I couldn’t grasp why. I figured he might have been having a nightmare, but he didn’t strike me as someone who had trouble sleeping; not often, at least.

We decided, after our daily bout of arguing that we, and by ‘we’ I mean ‘me,’ were going to scout ahead and plan out an attack on the goblin camp. I rolled my eyes casually, but Savalia has been like a mother to me ever since we met. I can’t say the relationship has been easy, because I have never really had a mother, but having someone there to count on makes me feel better.

Still, as my experience has taught me, arrows hurt; especially those received on your way to more treasure. I found a patrol of about 12 goblins as they did a circuit around the goblin camp. I think for now it may be wise to pay more attention to them than to write more in this journal, but I don’t really see them as that much of a threat at this moment. In any event, after we’re finished with this Goblin Camp, I’ll pick up where I left off…

New Beginnings
The gang's all here!

Entry #1

Originally I used this journal to make fun of whoever wrote things in it originally that made no sense, but I figured since I started this journey a few weeks ago, I would write some of these things down, lest I forget.

Cavalia thinks I’m sleeping in the cart, but what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Plus, if I stay really quiet, then… Well, then none of them will know what I am up to in here.

First things first, I think I should run through our band of merry misfits.

Cavalia – or the ‘shepherd’ as I have come to know her, is flamin’ both literally and metaphorically. Originally when I saw her that day, doing her traveling show, I thought she was awesome, but then I realized that her tricks were all smoke and mirrors. The horse was the coolest part of the whole act. However, traveling with her has been interesting. She is like the Mom of the party… Kind of. She sounds kind of funny when she talks at the bad guys in the middle of a fight, but even through my laughter I find some willful feeling carrying me forward.

Auron? Orrin? The half-orc and his monkey – The monkey is cute, but the half-orc wouldn’t know trouble if it snapped him in the butt. I swear, he would untie a murderer if he found him abandoned in the woods without food. This guy is going to get us killed… But no one listens to the tiefling. Nope. It sounds a lot like the way people in my hometown treated me.

Tellen the elfy person – This guy is way too pompous for his own breeches and if he keeps taking my things, I am going to start stealing his reagents and see if he likes it. Sure, the magicky stuff that he can do is pretty useful, but he almost blew our cover on the road. I was planning this sneak attack and then pow! MAGIC… Granted, the bandit on the road had already caught on to us, but I’m going to blame the elf, because its funny.

Ward – This guy is a little weird. I don’t know too much about him, but he also doesn’t talk that much. He carries around a big sword, which is reason enough not to mess with him, but I don’t really know anything about him. Other than his sword arm is pretty lethal. He can do some crazy awesome things with that blade.

Excelsior – The horse get’s his own blurb because he is awesome. He can do crazy acrobatics like me and he can pull a cart for miles. I know he won’t live that long, because I’ve seen a few horses die, but he’s special.

Alright! On to the week’s activities. I must say it was a really exciting week for one of our first weeks as ‘travelers’, because apparently being ’adventurer’s’ costs an arm and a leg. Still, we were on our way to Tilverton off the beaten path, when we were found by an obvious trap.

Seriously. These men showed little to no effort in hiding their trap and proceeded to try and bait us. I, in my usual brand of teifling trickery and mayhem, wanted to use a sneak attack to get the jump on an archer off in the back of the set trap. That was, until I unceremoniously tripped out of the cart and landed on my face. Apparently it wasn’t obvious enough to draw attention to myself, but the maneuver lacked a lot of creative luster due to the lack of flair.

The fight proceeded quickly after the Bandit’s cover was blown with Cavalia throwing a few good taunting speeches at our enemies, Ward slicing some people up, the monkey climbing and beating on people, the half-orc doing his own share of bludgeoning and the elf using his magic to disintegrate their support. I ultimately served as a prop for a lot of the battle, but I did get a stab in edgewise. So that counts. It does…

The next few hours commenced with bandaging and loot searching, which is my favorite part of anything. Loot is the backbone of any adventure, right? Without loot, what would we fight for?

A lot of interesting things were found: an iron holy symbol depicting the evil god ‘Bane,’ several sundry items, gold, some equipment and some bodies including a tied up man named Morvalo or something. I couldn’t really tell what his name was though, because I was focused on the ‘tied up man in the middle of the woods is suspicious’ thing I had going through my head. I still keep an eye on him from time to time, even if Cavalia says he’s harmless. How does she know? If she’s getting money in the end, she could give two craps if the guy is a liar or something worse. Regardless, the culmination of the loot finding was some interesting rock filled with warmth and pleasant feelings, as well as Marvolo’s testimony describing a Bandit Cache with even more loot.

The rock was taken from me after I rightfully found it digging through a corpse, which made me very mad, but the knowledge that there was another stash out there alleviated some of my anger.

I volunteered, not that it surprised anyone, to stay up for the better part of the night to try and find the silly stash. Truth be told, I almost gave up… twice. I just kept telling myself about all of the shiny loot I would find inside the stash and that was enough to keep me going.

The good news was, that I eventually did find the stash.

The bad news was, that I also found an Ogre heading for camp. The Ogre followed me back to camp and despite my best attempts at trying to attack it, I was walloped pretty good by his giant club. The Half-Orc tried to help me afterward, but I can still feel where the Ogre hit me. It bumps every time my heart beats.

The pain was something else. And for a time, I almost thought of nothing else but the pain. Then the elfy guy started fiddling with the stone again. My stone…

I contemplated stealing his reagents, as I said before, but I was weak and Cavalia wasn’t very forgiving when she found people – especially me – disobeying her wishes. This was her wagon, her horse, her show.

I honestly thought that that was the last bit of tough ‘traveling’ we had left for the moment and that we would have a moment of peace before we hit the outskirts of Tilverton. This is without knowing anything about how far out we were and without knowing anything about my environment. My lack of knowledge though didn’t stop my hope against being crushed by another giant club. They hurt.

However, during my watch that night, I felt the ground move. I woke the elf next to me just when the ground started to give way and boney fingers shot out to seize the elfy guy. The boney fingers were trying to drag him down and I resisted with what little strength I had. I held my grip until the elf was free and then donated what minimal strength I had left to the demonic resistance by throwing rocks at it. I know, they were a super effective strategy. I just had poor execution and a lot of my rocks fell too short to be effective. == Note to self: Work on Rock throwing…

The fight with the skeleton took a little longer than I anticipated and I went back to my watch feeling as if I had barely contributed to the whole ordeal. We are heading forward to Tilverton though, with this mysterious guy named Morvalo. He says he’s with us and wants to follow us to Tilverton until the road splits, but I think he is up to something. He’s got to be.


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