The Path of Legends

Dark Woods and a Decaying Village

Dark woods and spiders are pretty much synonymous now...

Entry #7

Who knew a lizard that breathed fire could be so nice? I mean, wouldn’t the flames in their throat make them constantly irritated. I know it would make me a little cross to be constantly blowing fire from my mouth…

Later that week, we came upon a large intimidating patch of wood. I say large and intimidating because the patch was miles upon miles in each dimension and it was thick. There was a ring of thick brambles that encircled the entire area and large heavy trees that warded off entry. My only guess, which seemed to be pretty accurate, was that we needed to continue through the woods to get to our destination. Goody.

There was a huge argument on what we would do with the wagon.

“Should we suspend it in the branches?” – Terrible idea. It might fall and break spreading our loot all over the ground and leaving us without a wagon. Or worse, it might fall into the brambles and get stuck. Not to mention, we had no idea what breed of creatures lived in the woods; they could come by and steal from it.

“Should we camouflage it with leaves?” – Better idea, but a little hard considering the Wagon’s size.

We eventually decided to dig through the brambles and push the wagon into the brambles, letting the woods disguise it for us and consume our hard won loot with brambles. We took the horses with us, which I thought was a terrible idea, but I don’t really know that much about horses. All I knew was that Waffles was growing more terrified the further we drove ourselves into the woods. He was even more terrified that night when we were attacked by spiders and skeletons. The spiders weren’t that much of a surprise because of the webs that started sprouting up all around us, but the skeletons were a bit of a surprise because they popped up out of nowhere. We figured it had something to do with the dark stone that the elf still had, but that did nothing to grant me any sort of peace of mind.

A few more days passed of sleeping, hacking, arguing, scouting, and leading horses. Then we came upon a small settlement embedded in the heart of the wood. It was a ruin, but I could tell that it used to be some sort of small town. I was tasked, no surprise there, with scouting the ruin and trying to find out what the situation was.

The sad part was, there wasn’t that much to find. The entire town had been destroyed. Even the temple was just a shamble of pillars and bricks. What I did find though, was a looooooooot of skeletons and zombies; more than I had seen in my entire life. I didn’t want to disturb them and instead find a longer way around, but when I returned to the group they were adamant that I pull them back into a trap that they were going to fashion to catch the undead as they followed me.

They wanted me to pull one skeleton at a time… Really? One at a time?

I told myself it would be easy. I told myself that they might just react the same way that guards do when you throw rocks at or near them, so I picked up a small rock and chucked it at one. It looked over at me with a hollow glance and when it found nothing there, it turned back. I tried to throw another stone, but the same thing happened. I pooled the options in my mind and when I couldn’t think of something more practical, I grasped Felix’s whistle held in a pouch at my side. With a powerful blow I summoned the entire horde to give chase and I managed to snare the entire lot of them in our trap with minimal collateral damage. I say it was a job well done and the others think I am incapable of following orders…

Typical, blame the young tiefling; it’s always her fault.



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