The Path of Legends

The *Former* Temple of Lathander

Where both greed and digestive constitution are tested in equal measure...

Entry #8

Like normal, I was asked to scout out the creepy village again. However there were no more things in the village than the last time I scouted it out. Now that I had the freedom to roam, which previously wasn’t granted to me by the skeletons, I still didn’t find anything curious or neat among the broken town. I found pieces of walls, trees that were twisted and ‘evil looking,’ the destroyed road, and I found that pretty much all of the buildings were destroyed.

The only mystery was the dark hole amongst the fallen temple ruins. I was a little shy to be going into a dark tunnel filled with undead, but that might have just been the fact that I was a small person going into an enclosed stone space with other people and possible creepy undead things.

Surprisingly, Savalia not only offered to go first into the dark and scary, but she left both of the horses behind near the mouth of the temple ruins. I bade farewell to both Excelsior and Waffles, because considering the trouble we’d been in up to that point, I had no idea what was going to happen to them.

The order we entered the temple was: Ward first, Savalia second, me third, Khelditia fourth, Telen fifth, and Orrin with his gorilla as sixth and seventh. We were all greeted with the immediate stench of death and decay. The room was dark, musty, quiet, and still. It was odd and felt very uncomfortable to even move about in the dark murky blackness. Then! Instant dead people! WOOOOSH! They popped from the floor like daisies in a green field and charged at the nearest of us with haste defying people with no flesh. They weren’t that tough though and we managed to dispatch them with the same haste they arrived with. With the final blow of my mighty sling, I heard the bullet clack against a hollow wall piece. I didn’t quite place which wall piece it was, but upon further inspection I found that there was a false wall with a box hidden inside.

My own instincts aside, I haven’t come across too many things with traps on them, so it stands to reason that a locked box wouldn’t immediately have a trap on it right? Despite that notion though, I was still a little wary to immediately open a random box we found in a wall. Savalia urged me to open it again and again. I could almost feel her hair reaching out to my skin and burning me. She was so insistent that it defied even my own loot obsession. It was eerie and almost scary to think that she thought about loot that much. Eventually though, I mustered the courage to open the box and was caught in a magical trap. Three times…

Note to self: Locked anything = probably has a trap on it.

Anyhoo, we continue to wander through what I am now calling a crypt for reasons of my own when we are almost caught in another trap. Ward got shot with the ancient arrow trap and I narrowly avoided it, but the monster in the next room must have heard, because a fair sized insect rushed after Ward and latched itself to his armor. Next thing I know, the warrior’s armor starts to hiss, pop and turn a rusty brown.


We managed to kill the armor eating monster, but seriously… Creepy.

Once we gathered our bearings and Ward changed into new armor, we rounded the corner into another room. On the other end of the small room was statuary with loot at its base. The only odd part was that it was covered in fungus. Savalia’s eyes went gold with greed and she shot toward the pile of loot like a madwoman. In my odd sense of morality concerning the crazy ifrit, I reached out with my reasonable strength in order to halt Savalia’s possible death. Before I could reprimand her though, and remind her of the trap that we saw earlier, a mushroom with tendrils of rotting death reached out and latched onto Savalia’s arm. Then mine. OOOOOOOWIE!!! It hurt. It hurt so much I can still kind of feel it under my skin even though it was healed quickly after, thanks to Khelditia and Orrin.

Like a nightmare I once had, we were almost immediately greeted by ghouls soon after our fungus attack. Pan and Savalia were wounded by the ghoul’s sickly touches and diseased with puke-itis, which meant that they puked a lot and were sickly, but we managed to kill the ghouls too.

The next room was… I don’t even want to remember it, but here it goes. Here is its description to the best of my clouded recollection. It smelled like one thousand rats that had died and defecated themselves on an extremely hot day. The smell, the atmosphere, the look, and the consistency of the room that I stepped in, oppressed me. I felt pressured from all sides to become ill and sickly like Savalia. The room kept pushing the feeling on top of me one tier at a time until it culminated in an overwhelming nauseous feeling when I came face to face with the pit of corpses. Everyone suggested I go in, but I was too busy struggling to keep my lunch inside my stomach to even consider their request. Instead, to prevent the inevitable, I walked to the other side of the room and leaned against the doorway. I plugged my nose and turned my head away when the lowered Savalia into the muck to look for loose change.

I may have been a dirty child. I am not afraid to go in the sewer or roam the dirty city streets. I will even walk through a bloody glen and get my feet dirty. But never before in my life have I been so uncomfortable than in that room… Things that make you go… BLURGHGHGHGHG

We spent the next few minutes going from room to room and killing skeletons. I even managed to find another secret area and a locked chest. This time I wasn’t caught by a trap.

It was the next locked thing, a door, which made me immediately regret my actions. We were greeted by the corpse of the boy we were sent to find raised as a Wight and a caster waving his hands in a pompous manner. Everyone’s immediate reaction was to rush the caster, while Ward ran off to occupy the Wight. Savalia began to chant, as is the way with our fights and we were starting to get into the rhythm of it all. Then Khelditia did something amazing. With one poke, the young half-elf decided the fight and sealed both the Necromancer’s and the Wight’s fates. The Necromancer did wake up again and try to scare me, but I stuck my tongue out at him and then helped the others kill him.

Naughty Necromancer, Loots are for Tieflings!



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