The Path of Legends

The Carnival of Earth and Sky

What is it with large flying creatures and horses?

Entry #11

After we took our time skinning Reginald, or should I say, after Orrin and Khelditia skinned Reginald, we made sure to get all of the loot we could find from his cave hideout. The foolish giant beasty lied about where he hid it, but I managed to climb up and find it after an hour or two of hopping from cave to cave. From the loots I managed to snag a new bow, which was cool, but not as cool as the fact that we managed to bag the beast in the first place. It was odd to say, but defeating Reginald felt somewhat satisfying.

Anyway, we decided to sleep for the rest of the night and head off in the direction of the flashing lights in the morning. We wanted to get the combat fatigue out of our system and ward off the smell of skunk. The light disturbance wasn’t as profound in the morning, but using the night before, we figured the direction and kept on its trail. It was interesting heading off toward what we assumed to be a freaky lightshow. There were many things it could have been, but we were going to walk straight into it like a crew of traveling sheep heading to get sheared. It’s sad, but that is often how we end up with the best loot, so I don’t complain… Often.

On the way, we spotted an abnormal flying creature that was pretty big; we could tell that from how far it was in relation to us. It flew toward the desert, so it probably couldn’t see us. That, or it didn’t consider us an appetizing alternative for what it was going for out in the sand. I was curious why the horse wasn’t appealing to the large creature, but I ended up lumping it into the fact that the creature was huge and Excelsior was nothing more than a finger food for it, which was hardly filling for one so big.

After a few days ride/walk we happened upon a six wagon large caravan that housed a menagerie of different creatures of different walks of life. We met exciting new people, saw an amazing unicorn, and even got to see a decent carnival show that explained why the lights shone in the air every night.

There were a total of around twenty people involved in the carnival that milled about with very little pattern, but the more notable people were:

A Sylph Druid named Teresia
A Quickling named Rigg Gargadilli
A ‘pretty’ Harpy named Zyobi with a group of 10 colorful Wyrmlings
A Big Burly Man, the head guardsman named Barth
An Orrian Bard with Crystalline hair named Alishette Cardosa
A Tengu clown named Valayhus

They didn’t seem overly excited to have an audience though, which was sad, because some of them were quite good at what they did. A few of them even taught me a few juggling moves, so that was nice.

We eventually figured out that they were sold as slaves though, to a king. The Sylph and the Orrian were sold as magical slaves, that would die if they weren’t received in time, and the carnival tagged along with them either out of pity or because they were purchased too. I can’t remember.

Regardless, we all sat around a fire and told each other stories back and forth. We each enjoyed each other’s company and we got to take a closer look at the dragons and the props used in the show. Then we rest with/ around them that night.

The next morning we awoke bright and early to go look for the shard, which meant that I, being the resident rogue, was tasked with taking the lead and finding what lie before us. Be it an ambush, an animal, or a trap, I was just the girl to find it.

However, I didn’t do so well in my scouting and when we came through a divide in the nearby mountain-range; I took a javelin hit from a traveling band of Ogres. I quickly retrieved my signal whistle and started to project with great clarity the trouble I was in as I ran away with as much speed as I could muster.

As a note to me or anyone who reads this, these are the signals that I use:

1 Burst of long sound is == ENEMIES!
3 Medium bursts of sound are == BEING ATTACKED!
5 Short bursts of sound indicate that == MORE ARE COMING!

As another note to me, Javelins hurt…. A lot…

Attack quickly ensued as I neared the party and I got in some really choice blows before we emerged the victors from another challenging battle.

Not a day after that though, when we settled into our watch schedule, we were caught by a Wyvern. A large nasty beasty that already started away with our mighty steed, excelsior, before we even had a chance to catch him. I am beginning to sense a pattern here…

It didn’t take long to kill it, but Excelsior took a bad spill and we had to patch him up before we continued our adventures. Meanwhile, I am going to look around for that Wyvern’s lair. He had to have been hiding something, right?



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